Margarita’s Technique

Wherever Margarita has lived and travelled, it becomes a source of inspiration to her. Thus she has managed to create her very own unique style of art, which blends her experiences and the diverse aspects of her travels together. For the past several years she has made London her home. Here she felt the need to use a new form of expression that could be both intimate and tactile. She always had a strong desire to express herself creatively in all areas of her life. Whether it was in the form of interior design, paints or fashion. Her very special dynamics of her passionate personality enable her to translate her skills into sculpting art. With her detail for anatomy and realistic expression, Margarita Hernandez counts today as one of the world’s most influential sculptors, specializing in figurative, characteristic portraits and animals. Her art is featured in exhibitions around the world, and prominently in the hands of private collections.